December 14, 2014

5 Things

Pont l'Evêque férmier

1) Pont-l'Evêque férmier

Looking up in the Passage Vendôme

2) Looking up in le passage Vendôme in Paris

Bayeux Market

3) "Very juicy" lemons

Bayeux Market

4) A surprising sight at the Bayeux market

Tarte fine. #paris

5) I'll take one of each, please

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Betty Carlson said...

I love those cheese boxes! TJ has been (somewhat insanely) saving cheese boxes lately -- he would jump at one of those.

Carina said...

Likewise, one of each please. :)

mondi said...

Quitter la France, c'est aussi perdre en bonheur gastronomique

Jennifer Greco said...

Me too! And the cheese wasn't too bad either. :)

You got it!

French Girl in Seattle said...

My kingdom for a Pont l'Evêque! Wish I could have found some yesterday when I bought French cheese at the local supermarket... The year is wrapping up and I wanted to wish you un très Joyeux Noël in France, Normandy, or Paris. You are the best adjusted expat I know in cyberspace. ;-) Maybe we will meet in person one day. Joyeuses Fêtes dans la Belle France et excellente année 2015 (with, maybe, a new place in Paris?) -- Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Jennifer Greco said...

Thank you for such a kind comment! Hoping you have a lovely Christmas and yes, we should plan to meet up the next time you're in France. Take care and I'll save some Pont l'Evêque for you! :)