October 6, 2014

At Last...


Autumn Red

Courseulles-sur-Mer market

At the "Green Market" in front of le Marché des Enfants Rouges this evening in the #Marais. Not much produce on offer, sadly.  But these potimarrons did look lovely.

Autumn Colors

...my favorite time of the year.

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Anita said...

Fall is my favorite time of year too! I used to live in Boston, just a few hours away from the Berkshires, and always drove out to admire the breathtaking foliage.
The weather in September here in Normandy was lovely but I was impatiently awaiting the cooler temperatures as it just didn't seem like autumn.

Ladylink said...

I'm with you! Fall in Chalons en Champagne (formerly Chalons sur Marne) was amazing. Everything was colored brown, red and yellow. I loved the Fall Harvest. Merci Beaucoup!

Jennifer Greco said...

I've never had the chance to experience New England in the autumn, but imagine it is absolutely stunning!

The fall colors in the Languedoc are amazing as well. Love the colors of the vineyards this time of year!

La Torontoise said...

Love so much these pumpkins!!
Have a good weekend!

PS. How is your move going?

Jennifer Greco said...

La Torontoise
The move is proving to be a lot of work, but we'll get there! :)
Thanks for asking.

Daniel said...

thx enjoyed reading this very much