September 15, 2014

Dividing My Time And Biding My Time


The train between Bayeux and Paris has become my second third home.
I've become so familiar with the route that I know about what time I will lose 3G connection on my phone after leaving the station in Caen, how long it takes to get from the station at Mantes-la-Jolie to Paris and at precisely what time I will see the top of the Eiffel Tower if I glance out the window on the right side of the train.

At home I start the day with a big café au lait, cook with a lot of vegetables, avoid weeding the lawn as long as I can, cuddle with my husband and our chihuahua (and try to cuddle with our cat) and probably watch too much TV.
In Paris I start my day with a cup of tea or une noisette, eat Thai, Vietnamese and Indian food, snack on cheese and charcuterie, miss my husband, dog and cat and when I'm not trying to be a good house guest, probably spend too much time playing Words With Friends.

Lunch in the garden. #lifeinFrance


Eventually, when we find our apartment in Paris, these two worlds will meld together and I will avoid stepping a foot inside of la Gare Saint Lazare as long as I can.
I will savor the fact that I can go home at the end of the day with some take away Thai or Indian food or a bag of fresh veggies and cheese from the market and be with my little family. My husband and the dog will be happy to see me and the cat will pretend that he doesn't give a hoot. (Of course I know better)
We'll have friends over for drinks and/or dinner, get to know our local commerçants and I'll become as bored with commuting on the Métro as I currently am with commuting on the train.
I can't wait.

At the Market

La Normandie

Street Art

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