September 15, 2014

Dividing My Time And Biding My Time


The train between Bayeux and Paris has become my second third home.
I've become so familiar with the route that I know about what time I will lose 3G connection on my phone after leaving the station in Caen, how long it takes to get from the station at Mantes-la-Jolie to Paris and at precisely what time I will see the top of the Eiffel Tower if I glance out the window on the right side of the train.

At home I start the day with a big café au lait, cook with a lot of vegetables, avoid weeding the lawn as long as I can, cuddle with my husband and our chihuahua (and try to cuddle with our cat) and probably watch too much TV.
In Paris I start my day with a cup of tea or une noisette, eat Thai, Vietnamese and Indian food, snack on cheese and charcuterie, miss my husband, dog and cat and when I'm not trying to be a good house guest, probably spend too much time playing Words With Friends.

Lunch in the garden. #lifeinFrance


Eventually, when we find our apartment in Paris, these two worlds will meld together and I will avoid stepping a foot inside of la Gare Saint Lazare as long as I can.
I will savor the fact that I can go home at the end of the day with some take away Thai or Indian food or a bag of fresh veggies and cheese from the market and be with my little family. My husband and the dog will be happy to see me and the cat will pretend that he doesn't give a hoot. (Of course I know better)
We'll have friends over for drinks and/or dinner, get to know our local commerçants and I'll become as bored with commuting on the Métro as I currently am with commuting on the train.
I can't wait.

At the Market

La Normandie

Street Art

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Will said...

Years ago a friend of mine told me just before my first trip that "Paris is intoxicating" He was right, but could also have mentioned that it's highly addicting. I go back as often as I can, and in the meantime I find myself on Le Bon Coin at least once a week, dreaming of a place in Paris. Which arrondisements are you looking in?

Mardi Michels said...

Wishing you much luck finding the appartement of your dreams :) (also you need to let me know you WWF name - I am also addicted ;) )

Anne said...

I too,felt that addictive quality after my first visit to Paris.(I thought maybe it was a France thing...but have discovered it's mainly a Paris thing) After two return visits I still long to go back and if I was younger would have made the permanent move long ago...Montmartre is my favorite place though....hope you find your nesting place soon.

Katie Leigh Sullivan said...

looking forward to the day you post that you found your perfect apartment! Fingers crossed you find it soon!

Julia M said...

Hello, I love your blog and live vicariously through its beautiful photos. I am traveling from Paris to Bayeux on 10/14 and then traveling from Bayeux to CDG on 10/16. Do you have any tips about how to make the trip as easy as possible?

Also, where do you recommend eating in Bayeux and any lunch spots you could recommend in Caen?

Lots of questions! Any help is much appreciated!


The Beaver said...


Hope everything works out for you and your hubby ( not forgetting the 4-legged ones) pretty soon.

Jennifer Greco said...

It is very addictive, I agree!
We're looking in most of them, just not to keen on a few.

Merci! I'm sure it will happen...we just have to be patient.
My WWF name is @louloufrance. Let's play!

Jennifer Greco said...

It's never too late? :)
And thank you!

That is very sweet! Merci...

Jennifer Greco said...

Thank you for reading and for commenting. :)
From Bayeux, I always take the train to Paris, then the Roissy Bus to the airport. Just allow yourself plenty of time for the transfer and then the check in and security at the airport.
I cannot recommend anything in Caen because we so rarely go there, but L'Angle Saint Laurent and Le Volet Qui Penche in Bayeux are both good.
Enjoy your time in Normandy!

Anita said...

Are you leaving us already Jennifer?

Sharon said...

You will indeed have a perfect life! Good luck with the apartment hunting.

Jennifer Greco said...

Thanks! I know it will. :)

I'm afraid it looks like I am...

Not sure there is such a thing as a perfect life. lol
Thank you for the good wishes. I think we need them! :)

Phil said...

I'm sure everything will be as desired in no time. And even if it doesn't, you seem a tight group (two and four legged) and wherever you end up will always at least be with each other. Time can be equally as cruel when it passes too quickly as when it passes too slowly but best to let it pass as it will, not think we can control it, and focus more on what's going on at the moment. You guys will be fine, you've done it before, and it's not like this stuff is easy otherwise everyone would do it. Bon courage et bon degustation!

Bradford said...

If I am reading your tea leaves correctly, you plan to move from Bayeux to Paris. This is good. Paris has been calling you since prehistory. Go home there. Enjoy.

Danielle Hart said...

Bonjour Jennifer!

LOVE your blog!!! I'm trying to find an email address for you and can't find one... My husband and I live in Québec, Canada and we are looking into the possibiloty of moving to France. I'm a freelance translator so I would simply continue working from home over there. My husband makes art objects in metal, wood and stone. We're wondering if you would have any information to pass along about stores that might be interested in his art. I wanted to have your email address so that I could email you pictures of his creations. Could you give me your email address or simply respond to me at my email: Thank you!


Jennifer Greco said...

I love your comment. Thank you for always being so supportive!

You are reading them correctly!

Jennifer Greco said...

So glad you found me! :)
I'm afraid I don't know of any galleries where your husband could show his work. I'm sure with some research you'll be able to find some places.
I wish you the best of luck if you decide to make the move. France is a wonderful place to live.
my email is

Katie Zeller said...

It's always tough living between worlds. Hope you find your place soon. We're going to get our Paris fix net month - can't wait.

Jennifer Greco said...

It is a weird feeling, yes. I'm finally tired of it.
Enjoy your time in Paris! When will you be there?

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Jackie Lantry said...

Why are you commuting? Are you working in Paris now? Are you moving permanently to Paris?

Jennifer Greco said...

I am working several days a week in Paris but we have decided to stay in Normandy for the time being, so I have rented a room in an apartment in paris and am commuting back and forth.