August 31, 2014

New Orleans Nostalgia



It's funny how these bouts of nostalgia hit.
Just a few weeks ago I wrote about moving to France and the point of no return, and yet here I am today after watching a cooking show that took place in southern Louisiana and New Orleans, feeling incredibly homesick.

New Orleans

French Quarter

We only lived in New Orleans for a few years, but it definitely got under my skin.
I do know what it means to miss New Orleans.

I try to return almost every year and while I'm there I eat (best food city in America!), soak up its rich atmosphere and celebrate. Because that's just what you do.
Because almost every day there seems to be some kind of celebration in New Orleans. For music. For crawfish season. For cocktails. For living in a great neighborhood. For holidays and for non holidays. Because it's the weekend. Because it's a Tuesday.

It doesn't matter...New Orleans simply celebrates. Everything.

Evelyn's Place

Bloody Mary Veggies

New Orleans

Mardi Gras

So I've decided to take a little trip down memory lane to easy my homesickness until my next visit.

I think I'll go and make some jambalaya for dinner tonight.
Bon weekend!


Krewe of Muses Shoes

French Quarter

At Café du Monde. Breakfast of champions.

French Quarter

Audubon Zoo


Goodbye New Orleans. See you again next year!

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Anita said...

Beautiful pictures Jennifer. I am also a big fan of New Orleans. Too bad you weren't available to meet Michelle, her mother and I for coffee on Friday. It would have been fun to "Laisser le bon temps rouler" during a conversational stroll down memory lane!
How did the jambalaya turn out?

Anonymous said...

this is exactly how I feel when I see your posts on France, wish I could go back home , not possible at the moment....So thank you for giving me a little pleasure...

Annie v.

Jennifer Greco said...

I'm sorry I missed you at le marché! See you soon. :)

You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Sharon said...

Beautifully written and lovely photographs. I think I've got a homesickness in reverse - such a desire to live in France but it will be a couple of years yet. Darned house is taking way too long to finish! But blogs like yours keep me focused. Thank you . Two more things - what are those "cakes covered in white powder? And if you ever want to pop across the channel your more than welcome to stay. Lordy I sound like a crazed stalker! :-)

Jennifer Greco said...

They are beignets from the Café du Monde. A New Orleans specialty!
Thank you for the invite. I'll let you know! :)

Sharon said...

They look lethal!