July 31, 2014

Photo du Jour - French Wine Barrel

"Ici Chiroubles"

"Ici, Chiroubles au verre."
Spotted at a café in Paris.

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Mardi Michels said...

Yes please!

Bradford said...

A glass of Chiroubles, a Beaujolais from the Rhone region? I'll be right over!

Maggie said...

Hi, I've just found your fabulous blog. We're just about to sign the papers to buy a house in Brittany. We're not moving to France yet but we will be spending lots of time there. I love the sound of your market tour. If we are in your area, I will give you a call. I'm following your blog on Bloglovin. Maggie x

Jennifer Greco said...

It's one I've yet to try. I'm looking out for it now.


Congratulations on your new home and thanks for stopping by to comment.
Hope you're enjoying your summer and good luck with your move. :)