June 16, 2014

The Paris Apartment

Paris Angles

Some friends of mine need your help.
They are a couple moving from the US who are looking for an apartment to rent in Paris for at least 1 year, starting in September, October or November 2014.
Even though they have steady work, their dossier isn't very "strong" in the Parisian sense, so going through an agent will most likely be futile. And even though they are financially stable, they don't have enough money to put a year's worth of rent into an account as a guarantee.

So I thought I would do my best to help them out and share what they need.
Maybe someone I know or a friend of a friend is looking for long term renters who come with great references and a strong financial dossier? Hopefully?

Paris Skyline


What they would like:

  • 1 bedroom
  • at least 30 square meters
  • furnished (or even partly)  
  • an elevator if higher than 1st floor (European)
  • can be outside of Paris, but with access to the Metro, not the RER
  • good light
  • budget around €1000 a month, charges included would be preferred, but that is negotiable
If you have the possibility to help, have any questions or would like their email, please contact me at louloufrance@gmail.com.



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