June 22, 2014

5 Things


1) Sun dappled Normandy.

French cheese tasting

2) One afternoon - 20 cheeses - 5 kinds of wine. I departed in a semi coma, but very happy and satisfied.

Happy at the Boulangerie!

3) Happiness is a boulangerie - patisserie.

Peonies at the Market

4) Bright pink peonies at the market.

Parisian Café

5) Parisian café people watching. One of my favorite pastimes.

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JimRuocco said...

20 cheeses, 5 wines.....love it. I too, would be in a joyous sense of delirium

Jennifer Greco said...

It was, Jim! :)

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Gorgeous images. Epitomizes everything that is French x

Charming Paris Apartment said...

Lovely peonies! Always excited when they come in season!!!

:) said...

Cinq très jolies choses et cinq beaux moments !

Jennifer Greco said...


Me too. One of my favorite flowers!

Tout à fait!