March 17, 2014

Where Y'at?*

French Quarter door

Fried shrimp po-boy. Dressed.

The Pearl Oyster Bar #neworleans

Ironwork #neworleans


New Orleans

Krewe of Armenius

At Café du Monde. Breakfast of champions.

Oak Alley

New Orleans scene. Happy Mardi Gras!

On the parade route

New Orleans

Looking Out

I learned a few things on my annual visit to New Orleans this year.

I learned to like bourbon. The liquor, not the street.
I learned that walking 4-7 miles every day meant I could eat or drink anything I liked and not gain an ounce. Which was good, because I may have overindulged a little.
I learned that I could totally fall in love with a po-boy. Spicy gravy and a slather of Creole mustard will do that.
I learned that not all Mardi Gras balls are created equal.
I learned that Cochon restaurant just keeps getting better and better. (Try a side of the shrimp and mirliton is divine!)
I learned that not even near freezing temperatures and pouring rain will dampen the Carnival spirit in this city!

*How are you?

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