March 30, 2014

5 Things

Saturday market in Bayeux

1) Les gariguettes

The perfect picnic

 2) An indoor picnic

A face full of character

3) A face full of character

Un panier de panais

4) Un panier de panais

Blue Door

5) Paris blue

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Sharon said...

Can I have the indoor picnic followed by the strawberries please?

Mitzi Mullins said...

Thank you for reminding me to take time...

Robin | Melange Travel said...

Great shots! I would so pull up a cushion to that fab indoor picnic :)

Jennifer Greco said...

Of course you may! :)

You're very welcome. Taking time is important, isn't it?

It was delicious! My friends sure know how to throw a picnic!

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

That indoor picnic looks divine. I'll bring the strawberries ;-)

La Torontoise said...

Can't wait for the French straberry season!

Jennifer Greco said...

Deal! :)

La Torontoise
We've been enjoying them for a couple of weeks now. delicious