October 6, 2013

Le Fromage Français

Le Fromage Français

Comté sign

Wheels of Comté

Le Fromage Français

Le Fromage Français

Fromage Truck

Le Fromage Français

When I head to the market in Bayeux on Saturday mornings, I always have an idea of how much I will spend on cheese. And every week I spend more than I planned.

Can you blame me?

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Marina Carstens said...

Mmmm. Looks so good! I live in Korea and it's hard to find good by American standards cheese, let alone anything like this! I pay $8 for a not-sure-if-it's-even-good slice of gorgonzola.

This just reminded me, I really need to check out the French neighborhood in Seoul! I bet they have great cheese there.

Colleen said...

Not at all. Beauties.

Sharon said...

Just found a decent Reblochon in my local store; made French onion soup and melted the cheese on a slice of baguette for the top. OK not up to your cheese varieties but it's a start!

Anonymous said...

I cannot blame you. I want to live in the land of cheese, too.

Nadege said...

Our consolation is that we can find "Comte" and "Petit Basque" at Costco once in a while. Only one time, I even found a Chaource , 2 or 3 years ago. Otherwise, Whole Foods has few more choices but I hate it when they wrap their cheese in plastic wrap.

Jennifer Greco said...

I hope you've had a chance to check out the French neighborhood and that you found some treats!

Aren't they? :)

Jennifer Greco said...

Sounds delicious! You'll have to make Tartiflette too.

It is a delicious place!

Jennifer Greco said...

It seems that most places in the US wrap cheese up in plastic wrap, cutting off its air supply!