September 22, 2013

5 Things


1) Comté

A visitor to the garden. #Normandy

2) Butterflies

Du pain. #France

3) Du Pain

End of Summer Tomatoes

4) End of summer, super ripe tomatoes


5) Blue!

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Caroline said...

I brought a comté 24 mois back for my parents, and it was like they'd never eaten cheese in their lives. That thing was gone in a moment !

Mean Mama said...

J'adore ces cinq choses moi aussi!

Ms Lemon of Make Mine Lemon said...

I just learned of Comté recently. I could not stop eating it. Love the other photos also. They pretty much says it all.

msd said...

Ce sont de très bons choix !!!

La Torontoise said...

Loulou, these images are so beautiful; just returned from France; facing my life at work makes me want more vacation...

Emm said...

I love the way you focus in on details, so that your pictures show things we never notice with our eyes -- the legend on the rind of the Comté, the texture of the bread. Very sensual and evocative.

Rahul Kundliya said...

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Jennifer Greco said...

That stuff is the best! Laurent Dubois sells 32 month old, which is heavenly. If you ever have a chance, get over there and buy some.

Mean Mama

Jennifer Greco said...

Ms Lemon
Comté is one of the best cheeses out there. Glad to hear that you've discovered it!

Merci beaucoup!

Jennifer Greco said...

La Torontoise
Oh! Sorry to hear that you're back having to deal with real life again.
How soon until your next vacation?

Thank you! I enjoy hearing that others see what I see in my photos.

Jennifer Greco said...

You're very welcome. :)

Marina Carstens said...

Pretty pictures!