July 26, 2013

Photo du Jour - Paris Plages


Jazz musicians playing at Paris Plages.

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Mardi Michels said...

GREAT shot :)
And SO lovely to meet you this week too!

The Wanderfull Traveler said...

How cool would that be to have a table there and just sit and listen to Jazz with an ice cold drink. Lovely.

Evi @ sexta-feira said...

I've been there once some years ago and I had so much fun!
Thanks for sharing the picture!

Delana@dujour said...

great photo! I spent the last two days at the beach…the real one. I love this idea but I couldn't stand sitting there in the sun and not being able to jump in!

Jennifer Greco said...

Thanks. :)
It was wonderful to finally meet you! Come visit us in Normandy next year. xx

It was a great place to stop and sit for a while. Perfect summer evening!

Jennifer Greco said...

You're welcome!

I know what you mean...I wouldn't be out there in the full sun without a way to cool off, but it was perfect in the evening.