June 12, 2013

Yesterday. In Paris.


Paris Doors


Paris Street


Ile Saint Louis

Yesterday I played hooky. At 8:31 a.m. I hopped on a train in Bayeux and in two short hours I was pulling into the station in Paris.

I spent the morning shopping in stores that have obviously never heard of any singer other than Beyoncé, which meant that in one short hour I had heard enough of her music to last me a lifetime, but I did find a great pair of black pants that I needed for work, so she was a necessary evil.

Then I strolled across the river past Notre-Dame and across a dangerously weighed down by "love locks" bridge to spend a much needed afternoon catching up, sharing stories and laughing with girlfriends. All the while consuming some killer, freshly roasted coffee. Which is a rarity in Paris.

And as it always does, the day flies by. Before I knew it I was speeding across town to la Gare Saint-Lazare on a packed Métro to catch my train to Normandy. I arrived home just in time for dinner.

A beautiful day in Paris. I can't complain.

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