May 5, 2013

Photo du Jour - City Slickers

Cows in Bayeux

Enjoying some evening grazing time in Bayeux.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing ... I took one look at that photo and said "Bayeux." I remember lingering by that same pasture years ago to photograph the cows. What a lovely shot of a lovely town.

The Beaver said...

I guess that's why le beurre de Normandie is Gooooood!!!

P. J. Grath said...

Well, that was a surprise!

Michel said...

I love the picture with the grazing cows and Bayeux in the background.

Jennifer Greco said...

Very cool that you remember the same spot! :)

Sooooo True!

Jennifer Greco said...

I drive by them on my way to work. They are adorable!

Merci. :)