May 21, 2013

Photo du Jour - Artichokes and Water

Château de Brécy

Pretty much the coolest fountain I've ever seen!

At the Château de Brécy, in Normandy.

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Rambling Tart said...

Love it!! That fountain makes me grin. :-)

jweich said...

Great photo and very fun fountain!!!

Delana@dujour said...

I'm going to agree with you on that. Awesome!

Ann Mah said...

I love decorative vegetables!

Emm said...

Love that fountain! Here's another Normandy garden I came across recently -- you may already know all about it, but I was quite intrigued:

Amina said...

Nice picture with nice idea.

The Wanderfull Traveler said...

Very cool! Someone who loves food must have created such a fountain. Is there a parmesan fountain nearby? ;)


Minymo said...

Kia ora from New Zealand.
We are planning to retire to France in 2015 so was delighted to come across your blog.
I was particularly interested in your article on the cost of living ( 2008 and 2011 if I remember correctly) and wonder if you have updated again.
Of course, this is probably on the wrong page. Sorry!

Jennifer Greco said...

Rambling Tart
It made me grin too!

Merci. :)

Isn't it fabulous? I've never seen anything like it!

Jennifer Greco said...

Me too! I would love to meet the person who decided to create this fountain.

Thanks for sharing the link! I'd never heard of it.

No, I didn't see any other food related garden decor. Surprisingly. :)

Jennifer Greco said...

Welcome! I wrote three posts, but haven't updated since 2011. I can tell you that prices have gone up since then. On everything.
Good luck with your move! :)