April 11, 2013

The Dark Side to Instagram?

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Apparently I've been going along, innocently sharing photos with Instagram, thinking it was a service to have fun with and to be enjoyed.
Recently, however, I've learned that there's a dark side to Instagram.

According to a couple of articles I've read in the last week, the majority of people out there feel threatened and belittled by the photos their friends are posting of their "perfect" lives on Instagram.

Is this true?  Do people really feel this way?

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Ok, let's back up a minute. Remember once upon a time, a long, long time ago, when we still took photos with a camera that used actual film, and that film was developed into actual prints?  Then those prints were put into albums that we would then share with friends and family?  Photos of our parties, vacations, kids, pets, etc.
Did we consider these photos threatening?  Was there really an ulterior motive to these photo albums?  Were we really just trying to show each other up and make our friends and family jealous of how perfect we were?

No, we weren't.

It was about sharing our lives, not about jealousy or a petty "My life is better than your life" sentiment.

Happy wine.

So, getting back to this whole feeling-threatened-by-Instagram thing...

Would seeing photos of the laundry piled up in my bedroom or the messy stacks of papers on our coffee table help you feel better about yourself?  Probably not.
Sharing beautiful moments, a fantastic meal, a funny sign, our cats, our kids, our shoes, whatever, doesn't mean we're trying to show how perfect our lives are. And if you think it does, then I beg of you to lighten up. Because there is no dark side. There is no ulterior motive.

Remember, nobody has a perfect life. Nobody. 

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