March 8, 2013

Photo du Jour - Cocktail Menu

Cocktail Menu

Les Cocktails

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Rhodesia said...

Cheers. Have a good weekend. Diane

La Torontoise said...

J'adore les fruits presses!!
Bon weekend!

meredith said...

I'll have the Kir please.

The Beaver said...

Bonjour Loulou

Hope you are doing OK in Basse Normandie. I told hubby whilst watching the news last night: some of those autoroutes look like the highway I used to take to commute to Québec city when I was working- not fun to drive on on a monday morning. The main thing is having electricity or power in the house.

Keep sage.

NB: I won't mind getting that price for a Kir Petillante when I am in Paris in September but I am dreaming :-)

Loulou in France said...


La Torontoise

A good choice. :)

We got lucky this week - we're at our house in the Languedoc and won't be back in Normandy until Monday. Hopefully the snow will have melted by then!