December 16, 2012

Photo du Jour - Little Differences

So many joggers in Normandy

There are joggers in Normandy. Lots of them.
It was one of the first things I noticed (other than all the cows) when we moved here.

Down in the Languedoc, I can count the number of joggers I saw in eight years on one hand. And they were usually foreigners or les Parisiens.
Here, there are hordes of locals out huffing and puffing every weekend.

Maybe they're trying to work off all the delicious local butter and cheese?
If so, maybe I should think about getting out there myself...

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spacedlaw said...

If you only see them in the weekend, the odds are that they are Parisians as well (and since you are closer to Paris, you get to see more of them).

French Girl in Seattle said...

Normandy roads filled with... [French] joggers?! What is the world coming to?! They are brave souls to run on these beautiful but secluded country roads when so many locals have celebrated with "Calva" the night before :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Nadege said...

Parisians or natives jogging? I'd rather go for a good 2 hour walk every day in such a beautiful countryside.

Betty C. said...

I've been noticing some joggers in our village and in Rodez lately. Not a lot, mind you, but more than before. I think "le fitness" in whatever form is taking hold in France. I'm not participating in the movement, though!

Loulou in France said...

You're right, they very well could be.

Many of them wear orange safety vests too. :)

Loulou in France said...

That sounds much nicer.

No, me neither. My knees can't take that kind of abuse at my age. :)