October 28, 2012

Where Would You Live in France?


If you had the choice to live anywhere in France - a specific city or region, in the country, in the mountains or by the sea - what would you choose?

This was the most recent question I posed to my Twitter friends and it was interesting to see how many knew exactly where they would live, while others wavered between the city and the country, or couldn't choose between two different regions.

I agree, it's a tough question to answer!*

Le Minervois

French Riviera

@RamblingEpicure The Marais, Ile St-Louis or Montmartre in Paris.

@Jdecker200 I'd be in Toulouse: gateway to Provence, lively metro area, beautiful city. AND great food, too

@daisydeplume Well am I supposed 2 choose 1 where I'm not already living? I guess either Nice or Strasbourg cause I need some city-anonymity

@hsaffari  I love the city I grew up in unabashedly, so Paris.

@lacuisineparis we love Normandy....so diverse and filled with surprises !

@ewie13  Paris. Always Paris.


@LaRee1979 I will have to say #paris , but it's (unfortunately) the only place I've been to in France! And I AM a city girl at heart!

@AnnMahNet I'm torn between Paris and Provence, specifically the village of Bonnieux in the Luberon. (Could I be any more cliché? :)

@tilarmaz  @AnnMahNet done summers in both places. bonnieux highly recommend! you'll always have paris LOL.

@LostNCheeseland I think I could live in Toulouse although the cultural and culinary offering is tame which I think I'd have trouble with

@k_sam I def love visiting other parts of France, but at this point in my life, it's Paris all the way baby!



@rhino75  I like Paris but I would love to live in Brittany, near the sea! ‏

@EEParis  Paris!

‏@jennybeaumont  I'm living my dream. One foot in Normandy, the other in Paris. :)

@heronhibou  Great question I love being in Haute Savoie. The french Alps are amazing but I'd go with Bordeaux for a change of scenery.

@PASmith6  Easy peasy, Marseillan or Annecy or Amboise. Oh, Sorry too hard a question

@KangarooSweet Strasbourg - used to live there for about a year and want to return there to live in the near future

Pavé de Printemps

Tuesday Morning Market

@dinkypen Exactly where I am now! Took a bit of finding but this exact spot is just perfect in every respect :-)

@everydaycook Paris

@milkjam ummm Lyon I think!

@Stocius  #France If I could live anywhere... Burgundy.
But in Burgundy... #Beaune , #Volnay #Saint-Romain ??? #decisions

@annief1 I have been to the LOT area which is lovely and I have been to the area right next to Switzerland near Basel .. not sure!!

@TimTD Provence or Bordeaux ‏



@spacedlaw Pays de Loire, I think.

@TheLittleChef Savoie or Jura ‏

@juliethecat I'd return to Strasbourg/Alsace. Miss it. I always think oh, Provence. But when you've lived somewhere young... *sigh*

@puppyfur44 “@louloufrance: Time for another Twitter question: If you could live (not take a holiday) anywhere in #France..exactly where we are,Charente ‏

@kasiainparis Paris & the south of France? Though haven't lived in the south...

@NormandyR The answer to that one is in my user name!

Evening on the Canal du Midi

@wonky73 probably the cote d'azur. Though someplace rural might be nice.

@brassfrog  I'd live in Arles Home to Van Gogh, Roman ruins, central to Luberon, Le Baux, Pont de Gard, Aix, Camargue, Avignon, Nimes more

@deedeeinfrance Cannes or Nice.
@bakenshakeblog We have just moved to Aude and are in love with the mountains!

@vanbinh  Bordeaux - wine, ocean, cognac, food, weather, proximity to Basque country. Lyon - eh, same reason, except for the Basque part

@aalavoie En Bourgogne, ça ressemble aux Cantons de l'Est du Canada (sur des stéroides!) et le vin est le meilleur en #France selon moi!

Armagnac Tasting

Cognac Trip

@SirenCall  Pau in the Bearn.. it's got everything and not over-run.. ‏

@Ann_McCarthy  En Bourgogne, aussi.

@Bellitum St Hilaire nr Carcassonne is our spot. Back next wk.:)

@MajellaOShea @Bellitum  Languedoc, one day! #lifedream

@thatwritinggirl Lived in Lyon for a year and it was amazing. Unpretentious, but big enough to be anon. Amazo food/wine/shopping/going out.

@LucyVanel I would choose #Lyon. Big metropolitan area, great arts, wonderful public works, still human in size, +gastronomic capital... 

@PerpignanPost  It,s got to be the #pyrenees-orientales , the southernmost, sunniest departement of France. #nocontest

Thanks everyone!

*What about me?
Well, as much as I find Paris completely enchanting, I'm not sure if I would want to live there full time. I've become very spoiled by the quiet and calm of the country! So, I would want the best of both worlds, like ‏@jennybeaumont.
That's not asking for much, is it?

If you didn't have a chance to chime in on Twitter, I would love to hear your answer in the comments.

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