October 21, 2012

Moving to Normandy


One year ago my husband and I packed up our car with our suitcases, the chihuahuas, a couple of umbrellas and some Languedoc wine, and headed 10 hours north to the gîte we'd rented for a week in the seaside town of Port-en-Bessin.

Our mission: Find a new place to live in France.
Our requirements: Better job opportunities. Affordability. Close to the sea. Closer to Paris. Cooler summer weather. Very little, or no, snow in the winter.

We arrived in Basse-Normandie full of high hopes.

Flowered Courtyard



Normandy Cheese


We had done hours of research and on paper Normandy looked like the perfect place. But you just never know...
Well, by the end of that week we knew...Normandy was it.

Two months later we said "au revoir" to the Languedoc and "bonjour" to Normandy.

One wonderful year. A reason to celebrate!

Port-en-Bessin Market

Our apple tree


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