September 10, 2012

The Most Fun You Could Have at a Museum in Paris. Ever.


Next time you're in Paris and looking for something a little different to do, I have a fabulous idea for you!
Don a pair of your most comfortable shoes and join Daisy de Plume's Treasure Hunt at the Louvre (THATLou), or what I like to call, The Most Fun You Could Have at a Museum in Paris. Ever. (and if you can come up with an acronym for that, bravo!)


In the Louvre

THATLou is unlike any museum experience you've ever had.

Each Treasure Hunt has a different theme, so you could find yourself hunting for anything from a pair of 15th century Italian ewers to a 17th century Dutch painting to ancient Greek amporae.
And remember, the Louvre displays over 100,000 objects in a space that covers more than 60,000 square meters (approx. 650,000 square feet) - hence the need for comfortable shoes!

Once that clock starts ticking, the game is on, and believe me, those 90 minutes whizz by in a flash.

Le Louvre

le Louvre

Next time you're in Paris, go and spend an evening at the Louvre with Daisy. You'll have a blast!

What more can I say?


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