September 16, 2012

Photo du Jour - les Crêpes

Bayeux Marché

 Sweet and savory treats at the Bayeux market.

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Brianna Asaro Photography said...

Ugh!!! Bread and crepes.... how I miss them!

French Girl in Seattle said...

I prefer "les galettes" over "crêpes" always-- and I can *almost* taste the buckwheat flour version of "La complète" I would surely order... Great way to wake up on a sunny Seattle Sunday morning. Merci! :-) Veronique (French GIrl in Seattle)

La Torontoise said...

Et c'est biologique!!

That's what I value most in he French 'artisan' bakeries.

And how did the dense pain au lavain taste?

Mary said...

Mmmmmm... Oooooooo... Ahhhh.... :) Looks delicious!

Ken Broadhurst said...

That's another beautiful picture, Jennifer.

chiara said...

They look really delicious....
and the pictures in your blog are "une fete pour les yeux".
Thanks indeed... I love France and I feel on holiday when I stop by to read your posts!

Anonymous said...

I love love crepes in Paris, they are magical :)

Janine said...

6 for 3.65 EUR? Bargain!

Jennifer said...

Aren't they wonderful? :)

La Complète is one of my favorites too. I've yet to order from this guy, but must try them one of these Saturdays.

Jennifer said...

La Torontoise
I haven't tried it yet, but will one of these days. I'm sure it's wonderful!

Perfect to keep your strength up while carrying heavy market baskets.

Jennifer said...

Thank you!
I'm happy with how it turned out.

Thank you for stopping by and for your nice comment. :)

Jennifer said...

It is!

Jennifer said...