July 30, 2012

A Letter to Travel Bloggers

French Riviera
Dear Travel Blogger,

I've noticed that standards seem to have been slipping lately, so if you don't mind, I have a couple of requests and a simple tip to share with you.

When you blog about different countries and their various regions, please do your research and spell their names correctly. 

For instance, the Minervois is not "the Minorvois" and St Chinian is not "St Chinion".
There is this wonderful online resource called Google which makes it very easy to look these things up so as not to make a mistake. Please do give Google a try...I think you'll find it very useful.

Also, if it's not too much to ask, please know where the heck you are when you write about a place.

For example, Carcassonne is not a two hour's drive to Italy and the Champagne region of France is not located in the Loire Valley.

I know I sound like a stickler for detail, but you are actually writing about a place, so those little thing like facts and spelling are kind of important

Thank you.

Warmest Regards,

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