May 30, 2012

Photo du Jour - It's a Jungle Out There!


Lots of rain followed by lots of sun equals a garden that is growing out of control. In record time.
Does anyone have a machete I can borrow?

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Sharon T said...

All that gorgeous green, I'm so jealous! I'd be reluctant to cut it back, but if getting out of your garden requires a jungle guide.... :)

French Girl in Seattle said...

I am sorry to report that after spending [yet] another three hours in my Northwest yard pulling out weeds - nobody says "garden" here because lots are so darn big - I can't possibly part with any of my gardening tools, and that includes the machete. You are going to have to head to Truffaut or whatever pépinière (nursery) is available in your neck of the woods, my dear. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

wcs said...

I'd let you borrow mine, but I'm still using to chop through my jungle. LOL! Good luck!

Loulou in France said...

I'm reluctant to cut it back too. I like the crazy, overgrown look. But if I wait much longer I will need a guide!

We have SO many weeds. I've decided to start thinking of dandelions as wildflowers. :)
There's a Truffaut just down the road so I guess I'll go check it out.

Thanks! I need the good luck!