April 2, 2012

I Know I've Said it Before...


Let me just say this one more time...and then I'll stop (maybe).
I know I must sound like a broken record.

I love Normandy. 

More than I ever imagined I would.

La Pêche

Saint-Vaast la Hougue

There is so much to love here.

The landscapes are soft and gorgeously green, and the cheese, butter and food in general deserves its celebrated reputation. I love the fresh air coming in off the sea in the morning (unless our neighbors have just fertilized their fields - wow, that is pungent stuff!) and the warmth and regional pride of the locals.



It has been so easy to settle in here. Other than the sous-préfecture taking its sweet time to switch the address on my husband's Carte de Résident and our hiccup with Orange, which is to be expected no matter where you live in France, we've found everything to be easier and much more efficient. Customer service is better, business people are friendlier, even returning items has been a snap.
And that's saying something.

Le Château de Gratot

And I love that moving to Normandy has opened up a whole new world of opportunities.

A few days after we arrived, I had a job interview, and a few days later a job offer. My post as a receptionist/concierge at a small Château hotel began on March 1st and in the midst of settling in, learning the various systems and how things are "done," remembering names of coworkers and becoming part of the team, I received a phone call offering me an exciting position at another Château that I just couldn't ignore.

Three interviews and two weeks later I received a formal offer and accepted it.

Salon de Thé

In Bloom

Our life here in Normandy is truly falling into place.
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