April 25, 2012

France Magazine Subscription Offer

France Magazine has always been good to me.
When I first started writing Chez Loulou, they very kindly added a link to my newbie blog on their Selected Sites page, sending many readers my way. Now they've given me the opportunity to offer Chez Loulou's readers a significant discount on a yearly subscription to their magazine.*

Long before we moved to France I was already a fan of France Magazine. They gave me my much needed "France fix" in a way that other magazines didn't.

For more than 25 years, a select American audience has been turning to France Magazine for authoritative coverage of French culture, travel and art de vivre. In lavishly illustrated features, renowned journalists explore topics ranging from contemporary design to summer music festivals to the most exciting shows on the museum circuit. Our lively departments, meanwhile, keep readers up to date on cultural events in France and the U.S., insider travel tips, food and wine, great new French products and much more. Especially popular are our special travel issues, which invariably earn a permanent place on bookshelves as invaluable resources for future trips.

France Magazine is published by the French-American Cultural Foundation in Washington, DC. The FACF's mission is to foster cultural and educational ties between France and North America.

France Magazine is offering a 33% discount off the newsstand price, plus a bonus issue, if you use the code LOULOUFM when you check out. Click on Subscriptions on the very bottom left of the page then you will see a box where you can add the promotional code.

*I'm not being compensated in any way by France Magazine to offer this discount. I simply love their magazine.

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LauraInSeattle said...

I appreciate the discount offer! However, when I registered and signed up there was nowhere to leave the discount code. I ended up paying the regular amount.

Love the blog and lurk daily...I'm hoping you'll post photos of your new home and village soon!


Loulou in France said...

I'm sorry that you didn't find the discount code box! I had a look this morning and it is there. You could contact the magazine and tell them what happened and I'm sure they'll honor the discount. Or I will contact them on your behalf, if you would like.
Thank you for reading and commenting. Enjoy France Magazine!
I'll get some photos up soon. :)

LauraInSeattle said...

Oh, thanks, Louou but I enjoy the magazine anyway. I love today's balcony scene...well, kind of. I guess I mean I love your photo, glad the frolicking animals are not on my patio!

Loulou in France said...

Thanks. It is a funny/weird scene, isn't it?

Catherine Goron said...

Bonjour Jennifer -

Thank you so much for the offer (I used to have a subscription!)... However, when I put in the discount code and try to order, the total remains at full price :(

Loulou in France said...

Thank you for letting me know. I will contact them tomorrow and find out what the problem is.
I'll keep you posted!