March 22, 2012

Quelques Cafés de Paris

Quiet Café

Yellow Chairs

Empty Café

Red Chairs and Tables

Café Colors 

A last minute day trip to Paris on Tuesday offered a morning of wandering around and exploring an arrondissement or two with my camera before an afternoon appointment. It was the first day of spring and the weather was absolutely perfect.

My question - where was everyone?
Look at all those empty chairs!

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Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Perhaps they were working and if not, chasing macarons (free with a small donation) at Pierre Hermé and Ladurée. I love this street and will be there on Monday afternoon. Will you still be there, mon amie?

Empty or not, the variety of café chairs is amazing!


Mary said...

Well i'd be a willing occupant at any of those tables.. especially one of the little red ones. Glass of wine. Croissant with a little cheese. An enthralling book. Something like 'Virgin Blue', by Tracy Chevalier, which i borrowed from the library, (bibliotheque?) today! :D

Katia said...

They were working! You should see them fill up after 6pm! :) Not a spare seat to be found!
I'm so glad that you're able to flit in and out of Paris and have adventures all over the place at the drop of a hat now!

Jennifer said...

It was just before noon, so I'm sure they filled up shortly after I wandered through.
I was just there for the day. Enjoy your trip and sorry I will have missed you!

Virgin Blue is wonderful! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Jennifer said...

True...yet I know there's a certain percentage of the population who doesn't work! Where were they? :)
I thought about seeing if you were available for lunch, but my time was so limited and my meeting was on the opposite side of town from where you work. Next time!
And please let me know if you ever decide to come to Normandy. You're always welcome!

Delana@dujour said...

That is bizarre...although it made for great photos. Here in Aix, I never see that. But this is the south. We take a lot of time out to sit around!

Sandy said...

You just gave me an idea for my patio. Great photos. =)

Our Juicy Life said...

I LOVE them empty and so perfect! Great shots.

Unknown said...

And also the day we got to catch up a bit! I love rue Montorgueil when it's at its emptiest :)

Betty Carlson said...

Just chiming in on the book first -- I loved Virgin Blue!

Great shots of all of these cafés -- I agree, on a Tuesday morning, pre-tourist season, 11am probably isn't a peak café hour.

Jennifer said...

Very true...the cafés in the south seem to always have a client or two. Even if it's the local 9am Pastis drinker. :)


Jennifer said...

Notre Vie
It made for some nice shots and I didn't have to worry about surprising anyone by taking their photo when they weren't expecting it.

I was thinking after we had our coffee, that if the waiters are as surly at these cafés as the one was where we were, then it is no wonder they are empty. :)

Jennifer said...

Great book, I agree!

Does Paris have a pre-tourist season anymore?

Andi said...

I'll take any of those spots and spend the entire day!

JimRuocco said...

The next time I'm in Paris, I will add this place to my list. It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

I would have happily spent some time sitting to, had my schedule that day allowed. Great people watching spot as well!

You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by to comment.

corine said...

I'm going at the end of the month and I plan on sitting in each and every one of those chairs!

Jennifer said...

Any plans to come to Normandy?