February 1, 2012

Tales of a France Telecom Survivor

Port-en-Bessin Market

Trying to organize this move has had its moments.

Before we got the keys to our rental house we contacted the usual suspects to alert them of our new abode. EDF and la Poste were easy.
France Telecom, (who has definitively changed their name to Orange...I think I was the last to know), not so much.
They wouldn't let us have a phone number until we had a justificatif de domicile from the rental company. Ok, no problem. A few phone calls and signatures (many, many signatures) at the agent's office took care of that.

Once we attained said document we went straight to the local Orange store in Bayeux and applied for our new phone number and Internet access.
Again, no problem. We had the required documents, they created our dossier and we left with a phone number and were told that after a 10-14 day waiting period, our line would be up and running.

See, that's always when we run into trouble..when we trust that the powers that be (and the people punching the info into their computer) know what their doing.

Lulled into complacency, yet again.

Sitting at the café

While we were waiting my sweet husband suggested I head to Paris, which is now only 2 hours away by train, and hit les Soldes. Which I did. Successfully.

The Cheesy

I also made a point of getting to Blend for a burger.
It was a much anticipated juicy, American-style burger wrapped in a fluffy, yeasty bun with a side of salty sweet potato fries. Normally I don't go for these trendy new restos that everyone is talking about, but I had to go see Camille's new place.
And I'm so glad I did!

But I digress.

Sweet Potato Fries

Meanwhile, back at home, back to reality...a week went by and still no Internet or phone.

Then last Wednesday afternoon my cell phone rang. It was a representative from Orange telling me that instead of turning on our line they had mistakenly cut off our neighbors line. Oops! Now a technician was required to come out to the house to repair things.
"When?," I asked?
"Sometime next week," she replied.

Now I was annoyed.

Back to the Orange store I went. I would have brought a plate of my bribery brownies (they work every time!) with me to try to hurry things along, but the oven that came with our rental house isn't working. Which is another story.

The rendez-vous with the technician was fixed for Tuesday morning. Then I was informed that we would have to wait another 10-14 days after the line was installed until it would be up and running.  
However they did have a 3G dongle I could purchase, with a limited plan, for about 80 €.
I declined.

Winter Sunrise

When I got home I had a mini rant. Well, maybe not so mini.
I cursed the day we decided to move. I cursed Orange for incompetence and for not being able to call my family and friends or check my bank balance online. Or blog. Or Tweet.

Tuesday morning the technician arrived an hour early and in 10 minutes it was done. Line fixed, Internet and phone both up and working.

Just like that.

Do you think I can bill Orange for any sessions I might need with a psychiatrist after all this ?

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