February 29, 2012

The Best Litttle Town in France


Through a bit of research, and with a bit of luck thrown in, we have found ourselves living just a few minutes down the road from what I think qualifies as the most perfect petite ville in all of France - Bayeux.



Its medieval centre ville is a little gem, complete with restored half-timbered houses, charming cobblestone streets and more than two dozen designated historical buildings and monuments.
And for a town with such a small population, around 14,000, it has everything we need - two weekly markets, a diverse range of shops, numerous cafés, museums, an annual Medieval Festival and even a decent Chinese restaurant.


les pommes

There's an added bonus as well...all of our French bureaucracy needs are now right on our doorstep. We no longer need to spend hours driving to and from town to speak to a fonctionnaire.

Which we still find ourselves having to do, more often than we like.

Boulangerie * Patisserie * Chocolaterie


You may have another candidate in mind when you think of the Best Little Town in France.
I've cast my vote, and if you ask me, Bayeux wins.


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