January 18, 2012

Les Chaises

Stained Glass Lighting

Café Chairs

les chaises

Along with antiquated doors, weathered shutters, outdoor markets, old stone houses and French windows, I am totally infatuated with empty chairs as a photography subject.

Does anyone else share my fascination?



Rodez Cathedral


Snow covered chairs

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spacedlaw said...

Yup. You ARE addicted.

Aidan said...

Well now I do.

Sam Mooney said...

chairs and church interiors - 2 for 1. As always, lovely images.

The Solitary Cook said...

Yes, I do, and yours are lovely as always. Merci!

French Girl in Seattle said...

I do. I missed Parisian chairs so much I had to get some for my American home. In fact, I own two that look exactly like the green ones you show in the Luxembourg Gardens (or was it the Tuileries?) Mine are poppy red, but the same company made them. ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Sandy said...

Great series! I'm ready for some new chaises. Awesome pix. =)

samovar said...

great pictures! thanks for sharing! andrea

Cowgirl Chef said...

What a great subject! Chairs! You've done a great job at capturing the personalities of these iconic seats.

Betty Carlson said...

I don't share the fascination, but love your pictures. Was the cathedral one (in the middle of the series) taken in Rodez?

Betty Carlson said...

Just for comment follow-up...

Mary said...

Chairs are awesome! They mean relaxation to me. I especially like the green ones pictured here. I would love to have a couple of those! :)

Cappuccino & Baguette said...

Here in Nice, blue chairs in front of the sea are a sort of symbol of the city. They're in every postcard and photo shot on Promenade des Anglais! ;-)

Mary said...

Have taken many chaise photos
Love the one with the snow

Maureen said...

LOL If you left out the city name we'd still know where the photos were taken. I love this post!

Emm said...

I love all the fussy feet lined up neatly in the second picture, and the white chairs all tipped in over the tabletop -- perhaps they're having a gossip about how strange people are. Thanks for a big smile.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Great photos!! I never thought about empty chairs as photo object, but it's true that they tell a story. I love it! And when I see these kind of chairs, I immediately think of lovely Paris :-)

mlle norvegienne

J.N. Urbanski said...

Me! I share the fascination, but more with windows and doors. Have you read The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron? Apparently, highly sensitive people like these things...

craig underhill said...

What's not to like about French chairs!? THese are great photos-so typically french!
Love your blog-will be following from now on

The Solitary Cook said...

Thank you, J. Urbanski. I'll look for the book. I'm curious what it has to say about one who is drawn to empty chairs, windows, AND doors.

Jennifer said...

I fully admit that I am. :)

Another convert. Yay!


Jennifer said...

The Solitary Cook
Glad to hear from another chair lover.

The green ones were in les Tuileries. You have them in RED? Fabulous!

Merci. :)

Jennifer said...

I'm not sure I ever knew your name before now. :)
Thanks for stopping by!

They make a wonderful subject. Especially in Paris.

Yes, that one was in Rodez. I wondered if you would recognize it!

Jennifer said...

I really love those as well. Would like a couple for our garden.

Those chairs in Nice are iconic...I remember them well.

Thanks! The snow photo was our neighbor's garden in a freak snowstorm in March.

Jennifer said...

Very true! Parisian chairs are easy to spot...though not all of the photos were taken in Paris! :)

I love that the chairs tipped against the table have a "personality." Nice to see that others caught that as well.

Mlle Norvegienne
They can definitely tell as story! Maybe you'll notice them more when you're out and about now? :)

Jennifer said...

JN Urbanski
Thanks for the recommendation, I haven't read it but will have a look at it now. So glad you stopped by to comment!

Bienvenue! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

The Solitary Cook
Huge thanks to JN! I'm curious too!

Anonymous said...

I'll second J.N. Urbanski's rec for the Aron book "The Highly Sensitive Person." It was probably written for people like all of us. ;-)

laurenlovesfrance said...

I had to laugh... I thought I was the only one who had a chair fetish! On one of my websites I have a series of photos that I call, "Life is Simple"... chairs mostly - lol!
Taken in France, by the way! Love it!

Anonymous said...

A chair, empty, speaks not of the present, but of the past which may go back many years, and too of the future that may arrive at any moment or perhaps much longer. The empty chair is part of a stage set. The play may be over or may yet begin. But right now, at this moment, the chair is in between. The chair recalls and anticipates, but during this reverie it is still and quiet.

All of this commands the camera to come out and capture the stage as an image. The image then hops the express and pops up in many places to greet many faces. Behind those faces more reveries take place.

It is a bit of magic what you are doing. And why not? You are living a little magic every day and are generous enough to share it with everyone.


- Bradford

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I LOVE the chairs in Paris... all of them! The green chairs are in abundance in Tuilleries and Palais Royal and Luxembourg and.... I would love to find a pair (in rouge or vert) in the USA

Best to you with your move!


Jennifer said...

I'm going to order it as soon as I can. It looks very interesting!

No, you're not the only one! :)

Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm happy to share and always appreciate hearing that my readers enjoy my images, thoughts, etc.

I love those Tuileries garden (and Luxembourg garden) chairs too!
You should contact Véronique and see where she bought her chairs.