December 4, 2011

Paris Eats

Paris Pastry

The Paris dining scene. I find it a bit daunting.

First you've got your très branché type places that get the anglophone message boards all in a buzz and are the "must go" restaurants for seemingly every American foodie coming to Paris. They're usually impossible to get in to and I'm just not that interested in eating at the trendy places. But that's just me.
Then you've got your (misguided in my opinion) chefs who love to dollop savory foam on everything. Non, merci.
And we can't forget to mention the classic, old world restaurants like La Tour d'Argent and Taillevent. I would love to try these places, but I simply can't afford them.


What I really want when I visit is delicious, honest food at a correct price. Nothing makes me happier than a great meal at a lively neighborhood bistro or finding a little restaurant to satisfy my Chinese and Mexican food cravings.

However, you could spend a fortnight researching where to eat in the French capital, a city famous (and sometimes infamous) for its cuisine, and there are dozens of websites dedicated to the Parisian resto scene.

When I need advice I go to Paris By Mouth, my current favorite. I also trust and recommend Resto-de-Paris (in French), David Lebovitz's My Paris page, which offers an extensive list of his favorites places, and love Camille's Google map of her recommended Paris spots for food lovers. Another good one is Barbra Austin's personal website.


Paris Views


My most recent visit was a delicious success!

I noshed on tacos at Candelaria, had tea and pastries in the Marais at the charming Le Loir dans la Théière, was blown away by our Chinese meal at l'Orient d'Or, enjoyed both the food and the ambiance at le Colibri in Montmartre, had a sizzling bowl of bibimbap at Guibine, indulged in tartelettes from Coquelicot, and, thanks to Camille, purchased some heavenly Selles-sur-Cher from the UCG (ultimate cheese guy) at the Sunday La Motte-Picquet Grenelle market.

I highly recommend all of these places.

Especially if you're sharing a meal with old friends, dining with new ones, or introducing your mom to Paris, one of your most favorite cities.



52 rue de Saintonge
01 42 74 41 28

Le Loir dans la Théière
3, rue des Rosiers
01 42 72 90 61

L'Orient d'Or
22 rue de Trevise
01 48 00 07 73

Le Colibri
35, rue Véron
01 46 06 07 90

44 rue Sainte Anne
01 40 20 45 83

24 rue des Abesses
01 46 06 18 77

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