November 10, 2011

A Special Offer From Rock Water Studio

When my friend, Gee Backhouse, a talented jewelry designer-maker and owner of Rock Water Studio, offered to create a special discount for the readers of Chez Loulou, of course I took her up on her offer!

Gee's jewelry is elegant, stylish, sometimes whimsical and always beautiful. Her handcrafted compasses are true works of (functional) art and the Amethyst Waterdrop bracelet that she made me for my 40th birthday is one of my most treasured pieces.

 Go have a look - I'm sure you'll fall in in love with her unique work. And please feel free to pass this offer on to your friends and family.

To get the special discount, simply type the code JG11A when you check out and you'll get 5% off Gee's jewelry through the end of November.

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Sandy said...

That is a beautiful piece - she gave you!=)

Sharon T said...

Oh my goodness, her designs are stunning!

Loulou in France said...

It is! She and 5 other friends all got together and each chose a silver "droplet" that Gee had made, then Gee added the stones and the embellishments and made it into a bracelet. I love how organic and unique it is.

I think so too! Also, she puts so much work into each design. They are really works of art.