November 6, 2011

Saying Au Revoir

Port en Bessin

I've been sitting here trying to think of either a philosophical way or a funny/witty way to begin this post and am failing miserably.
So I'm just going to say it: We're moving.

In a few weeks the title of this blog will no longer be "Chez Loulou - A Taste of Life in the South of France."


This has not been an easy decision. We have great friends here and a comfortable home. Yet as much as the Minervois is a wonderful, beautiful place to live, we are too isolated and I need access to a better job market.
It wasn't an issue for the first five years we were here, when I didn't have the right to work, but now it's a problem.

We've been exploring our options for a while now.

Last winter I was offered a job in Paris, but the timing and logistics of the move didn't work out. Then in the spring I was offered another job in Haute Normandie, but after visiting the area neither my husband nor I could imagine ourselves living there. We've considered Marseille, the Loire Valley and the Charente-Maritime. We've researched the coastal towns of the Languedoc and thought about Bordeaux or the coast near Biarritz.

Port en Bessin Huppain

Then last month, after doing months of homework, scouring maps, comparing costs, looking at weather patterns, and asking friends for advice, we decided to drive north and check out the Calvados department of Basse Normandie, somewhere between Honfleur and Mont Saint-Michel.

Well, we loved it.

Pink Hydrangeas

Coquilles Saint Jacques

So in mid December look for the new title - "Chez Loulou: A Taste of Life in Normandy."

Moving is often bittersweet, but I'm excited! The new scenery, the sea air, delicious seafood and cheeses, a cooler climate and a greener landscape.
(also, living closer to Paris is definitely a bonus!)

You didn't think we were leaving France, did you? Of course not!
We love living in France!
Also, we're not "leaving" the Languedoc, so to speak. In the future we will use our house here as our holiday home.

The best of both worlds, n'est-ce pas?

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