October 30, 2011

Sunday Links

Our Street

No, it wasn't the Magic Unicorn of Luck or the Charmed Life Fairy that placed us in our adopted homes. (but where were they when we needed them?!)

Almost 1000 years old, the Tapisserie de Bayeux is worth the trip.

All you need to know about the cemeteries in Paris. 
Or if that subject is a bit too melancholy, how about some of the mouthwatering sweets you can find in Paris.

Love reading about these, yet I have a serious conflict of interest... 
and these.

La fondue - une recette très facile.

All you need to clean your home without chemicals and toxins.

Bon dimanche!

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Emm said...

Lovely picture, very evocative. And marvelous, emotionally-connective links to magic unicorns. Thank you.

And for the green cleaning, too. Been doing it for years, so happy to see this info anytime, anywhere. Try it, peeps.

meredith said...

I would love to live in a tiny house in some tiny tropical corner of the world...

lisa said...

This is a truly beautiful photograph!

Loulou in France said...

I'm a huge fan of vinegar and baking soda for cleaning and now need to find Borax in France so I can make all the cleaning recipes.

That sounds like a wonderful idea...

Merci! :)