May 24, 2011

La Fête du Fromage - La Couronne des 3 Seigneurs

La Couronne des 3 Seigneurs

The sweet, fresh flavor of La Couronne des 3 Seigneurs perfectly embodies the mountains of the Ariège Pyrénées, where this goat's cheese is produced.

There is nothing complex about about this delicate fromage férmier, all around it is very easy on the senses. There is almost no aroma, the texture is soft and fine and it has pleasant flavors of fresh milk, mellow citrus and a hint of salt. Yet for such a mild cheese, we thought it was fantastic!

La Couronne des 3 Seigneurs

La Couronne des 3 Seigneurs is perfect for those who enjoy French cheese that isn't too strong, yet is still full of flavor. We thought it was especially good with a drizzle of acacia honey and some pain aux noix.

A glass of light rosé would be a good match. Its flavor is light and fresh, so avoid heavy wine.

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Diane said...

Must keep an eye open for this, sound like my husband would appreciate it. Diane

Natalia Lynn said...

I cannot wait to read more of your blog!! I am an american living in France, near St Etienne this year, and I love to hear people living the similar life. I am visiting the states right now, but your blog is making me miss it and want to go back!! I have a blog called Ma Nouvelle Mode I would love to maybe have you as a guest poster sometime!

Jennifer said...

If he loves mild cheese, then he'll love this one!

Thanks for stopping by to comment. I'll have a look at your site and maybe we can figure something out. :)

Wendy Wise said...

I'll look out for that one in the market!

Jennifer said...

If you find it, please let me know what you think!

corporate travel management said...

The fusion of flavors savors my mind, how much more if I got the chance to taste it.

Jennifer said...

Hope you get the chance!