May 20, 2011

Hidden in Paris - A Giveaway!

“In a tale of friendship, self-discovery and love, three women running away from their lives become unlikely friends in a beautiful house in the heart of Paris.

I've been following Corine Gantz's colorful, exuberant blog, Hidden in France, for years. The bold interior design and decorating photos she shares are some seriously beautiful eye candy and her prediction last year that canelés are the new macarons made me cheer (please tell me that it came true, I am so tired of seeing macarons everywhere).

Imagine my delight when I received an email from her earlier this month offering me three copies of her debut novel, Hidden in Paris, to give to my readers.
My first ever giveaway!


''Hidden in Paris is a story of a friendship between three strangers, three American women whose lives are at an impasse.  Lola is trapped in a marriage that scares her, Annie is a widow who is losing all means to take care of her children, and Althea suffers from depression and a severe eating disorder.
They take a leap and decide to move in together (and bring along with them their not so pretty secrets) in a beautiful house in Paris.  Once there, they struggle with cohabitation, then learn from one another, and eventually transform their lives.  
The novel's major theme is the healing power of friendship, but let's not forget the healing power of Paris, the city of love. 
Francophiles will love visiting, or revisiting, Paris, and reading about French food and French idiosyncrasies.  Romantics will love everything else.''


More from her website:
"Lost in France, a country she mistrusts, among French people she hardly understands, Annie has trouble venturing away from home since the death of her husband. And since home happens to be a small jewel of a house nestled in the heart of Paris, why would she ever want to? But when bankruptcy threatens her beloved house, her one anchor in life, Annie has no choice but to find renters, and quick.
Leave it to someone socially phobic to phrase a want ad in all the wrong ways.  With shimmering promises of ‘Starting over in Paris’ –– a concept she has no intention of applying to her own life––Annie attracts tenants with the kind of baggage that doesn’t fit in suitcases. A long-legged, cool-headed ex model (everything Annie is definitely not) on the run from her abusive husband, a frail young woman harboring a possible death wish, a mysterious French artist, and an infuriating blue-blooded French man soon threaten Annie’s way of life in ways she never anticipated. 
But when Annie finds herself reluctantly yet actively engaged in the rescue of her tenants, she discovers that she might just save herself in the process."
To win a copy of Hidden in Paris, all you need to do is leave a comment.
It's that easy! 
I'll choose three winners by random drawing on Friday, May 27.
Please include your email in your comment so I can contact you if you win.

Hidden in Paris is also available on Pin It
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