February 21, 2011

Photo du Jour - l'Épicerie


Most small villages in our area have the vestiges of an old café, an old boulangerie and an old épicerie. Sometimes they're still open for business and sometimes their faded shutters are closed up tight and the building is left to deteriorate.

This little épicerie is now closed, but happily the owners have made the effort to preserve its quaint, vintage facade. Pin It


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

We have a little corner shop similar to this quite close by to us. It was for sale when I left so I wonder if it has now sold. Sadly it has only been a house for several years now. Diane

Betty C. said...

Wow! That is quite the new header photo.

I already commented on this lovely épicerie photo on Flickr. You know me and abandoned buildings...

My Carolina Kitchen said...

What a shame it's no longer open. Well, at least they keep it looking nice.

Emm said...

Nice picture. As is the banner photo--where was taken, and what is the body of water in the distance? It looks almost like something from New England, although that is definitely a French seating arrangement.

chcmichel said...

I love the new header photo; A fabulous view!

You are so right about the empty store fronts. We are lucky that we have enough business year around in our little village (1200 pop) to keep all the stores in business...so far.

Chez Loulou said...

Our little épicerie is supposed to be closing soon as the owner wants to retire.
I'll be sad to see it go.

It wasn't taken in the Languedoc, so I hesitated using it. But it is still the south of France. :)
I always think of you when I see old facades like this.

I agree. So many are simply abandoned.

It was taken on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean, or more specifically, the Bay of Cannes, about 3 hours east of where we live.

Many of the villages around here are losing their small shops. We're lucky that we still have a café and an épicerie. No boulangerie however.

Tuula said...

Agree, new header is very lovely. Sad to see places close, but at least that facade still adds to the charm of your village, so French :)

Chez Loulou said...

It is sad to see these old shops close but I'm happy that they haven't let this one deteriorate.

Paul and Roz said...

I sem to follow Diane everywhere these days, just started looking at your blog, like it so far.
Roz http://rozinbrittany.blogspot.com/

Chez Loulou said...

Paul and Roz