January 4, 2011

Photo du Jour - Fromagerie

Fromagerie du Puits Neuf

A little gem in the center of Saumur, la Fromagerie du Puits Neuf.
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Diane said...

That makes my mouth water!!! Diane

Betty Carlson said...

I love to see cheese displayed on shelves like that -- it's a very nice "présentation."

Jennifer said...

It should! :)

It was a great little shop. Nice owner and great selection. Wish it weren't so far away.

I agree. Much more attractive when it's not all locked away behind glass.

sarah said...

what a selection! how do you choose?

Unknown said...

Thank you for a delectable shot....a big question ....have you asked how they keep track of their inventory ....cheese is such a delicate commodity..age/time/temperature dependent for flavor ...it must be a complex method keeping on top of it without incurring great loss. Have you done a feature on that aspect of a fromagerie?

Jennifer said...

I'm trying to taste every cheese in France so I go through and find the ones I haven't tasted yet. :)

This Fromagerie keeps everything out on the shelves instead of in a cold case, so the shop is kept at a very cool temperature to reduce spoilage. I imagine the inventory is managed by tracking what was ordered vs. what was sold.
I've never written about that aspect of a Fromagerie, but that is a great idea. Thanks!