November 18, 2010

What is Your Favorite French Wine? The Twitterverse Responds

French Riviera

Twitter is one of my favorite ways to stay connected with real friends (those of whom, like me, can't resist constantly updating their status in 140 characters or less) and virtual "friends" who share links, recipes, thoughts, jokes, restaurant reviews, travel information and news.

From time to time I like to throw a question out into the Twitterverse and see what people have to say.
Last January I asked What Dish Says "France" to You? and in March I posed the question, If you were a French cheese, which one would you be?

Most recently I asked about your favorite French wines.  Here's how you answered;

  Champagne for me, please! Closely followed by Bandol, Faugeres and Viognier...

I keep wanting to contribute to this but I barely drink so my idea of a good wine is one that is slightly sweet!

  Champagne. Definitely.

  Florenbelle, a crisp citrussy white wine from the Gers, is my favourite


  Chablis of course. Or Sancerre

  always discovering new wines...  but I do like the Côtes du Rhône Beaumes de Venise (muscat, sweet for apéritif)

Red Wine

dry and palest brick-orange rosés for me 1998 was just lovely & very local :)

  I'm really into Bandol red lately, but it's a bit heavy in alcohol content, drinker beware :)

  if can cheat, ; for coolest name+taste, ; else 95=1fav

  Much as I love Burgundy, a southern red would be the top wine for me - Bandol.


 Pinot Noir!

Mas De Daumas Gassac, Ch. Figeac (St. Emilion), or Chateau Suduiraut Sauternes. I just can't decide

Clairette de Die!


  Chateau Simone
  I love of course & toured Vadin Plateau where I fell in love w/it in France. Gr8 price & gr8 taste!

oooooooh Gewürztraminer vendange tardive. without a doubt. pure decadence in a bottle.

  Chambolle Musigny

  mine a crisp Sancerre or a pudding sweet Monbazillac as an aperitif with ice x

louloufrance Viognier or Muscat St Jean de Minervois

And my favorite Tweet: 
Champagne. Yesterday, today, and always.


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Camille said...

I love a good Burgundy, red or white, 2000 Bordeaux, and Fitou (for everyday drinkin').

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I will drink almost anything :-) but you can keep the champagne!! Diane

ditdit said...

Chateau du Seuil Blanc ou Rouge
Petit Sonnailler Blanc
Domaine Ste Philomène Rosé
Château Bas Rosé ou Rouge
my local favorites

Louise said...

I love champagne too- makes any occasion better, and any non-occasion better too. I've long been a fan of Burgundy- although I don't often get to drink Burgundy itself, more commonly new world Pinot Noir (life's tough out here!). I have beaujolais for the first time in the heat wave in Paris in late June, and am smitten.

Nadege said...

It depends on what is being served.
I won't say "non" to Champagne.

Lost In Cheeseland said...

Looking back, I would say champagne, actually!

Chez Loulou said...

Champagne seems to be a very popular choice!
Your responses have given me some new French wines to check out. Thanks!

Samantha Vérant said...

So many wines! So little time! I like a rosé in the summer and a Bordeaux in the winter. I'm not big on champagne!

BosGuy said...

Yes, for me it is most definitely champagne.

Betty C. said...


Chez Loulou said...

Thanks again for sharing everyone!