October 28, 2010

Family, Food and Dancing in California

A Day on the Beach in California

Mexican lunch

Rainbow Chard

A Day on the Beach in California

Kneading Cavatelli Dough



It means enjoying time with my amazing sister, nieces and nephews, strawberries and sushi, treating myself to a pedicure, the gorgeous beaches along Monterey Bay, Peanut Buster Parfaits, laughing until I cry at my brother in law's witty sense of humor, much missed Mexican food, pastries and cakes from Gayle's Bakery, dancing in the kitchen (photos of which will not been shared to protect the innocent), wearing UGG boots without shame and cooking up Italian feasts with my dad and grandma.

Thankfully all the dancing in the kitchen helps to burn off the calories from all the eating. Pin It
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