October 2, 2010

Delicious Autumn

Local Apples

Oh Autumn.  How I've missed you!

Yes, I love the fresh produce of summer:  cherries, tomatoes, basil, peaches, apricots, zucchini, nectarines, melons, all best served with a minimum of fuss.  And I love the simplicity of summer "cooking."
But I have to admit that by the time August 15th rolls around I can hardly face another salad.  I long to get the Le Creuset out of storage and do some serious cooking!

French Road Sign

Then comes autumn!  Give me braises.  A bubbling pot of minestrone.  Tarte Tatin and poached pears.  Homemade sausage, pepper and onion pizza.  Pumpkin, Brussels sprouts and Savoy cabbage.  Long simmered lamb curries.  Confit de Canard and Cassoulet.

I plan on savoring every moment.  And every bite.

Cassoulet Hot Out of the Oven
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