September 10, 2010

The Color Purple



Figs in late August

Lavender shutters

Spring Garlic

Day at la Pépinière

Village Vineyards in August

December Sunrise

Wisteria at Chateau Ventenac

Tasting at Château Combebelle

Rich and regal, strong and saturated; purple has always been my favorite color.

Icy wisteria hanging in clusters.
Deep purple figs plucked from the trees and unavoidably squashed underfoot. 
Shutters in a light shade of violet always capture my attention.
Ripening grapes thriving on the vines.
Amethyst tinted garlic, lush, juicy plums and heavy globes of eggplant.
Pale violet skies at sunset.
A glass at the end of the day.  Santé!

Its presence is appreciated all year, but these last days of summer are infused with all shades of purple, violet and lavender.  So gorgeous. Pin It
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