May 22, 2010

Toute Seule

In the last seven years I've only had to spend a few nights alone in this house.  Until last week.

Wednesday began a 4-5 week stretch of solitary meals, upset and confused cats and dogs (where is he???) and staring at his empty chair in the living room.  (though if I want to look on the bright side, it also means I get to watch whatever I want on TV!)

Last Wednesday my husband checked into the hospital to get a much needed new hip and will subsequently spend several weeks in a clinique de rééducation, where he will devote his days to recovering, going to physical therapy appointments and enjoying the local red.

So far the surgeons, the anesthesiologists, the hospital staff and the nurses have all been kind, funny and have gone out of their way to make his stay comfortable.
Unfortunately though, even in France, hospital food sucks.  Even with the red wine.

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Alissa said...

4-5 weeks? That stinks! My sig. other is about to take a week long trip to San Francisco without me and I'm not looking forward to just one week's absence. I hope your time alone is fruitful and full of good books and movies only you might enjoy. :)

Your photo reminds me of a beautiful alley of eucalyptus trees outside of Petaluma, CA. Where was yours taken?

Christopher Hardy said...

I have visions of coachloads of well-wishers arriving chez vous with cases of comforting nectar.

wcs said...

Wishing you both all the best for a speedy and uneventful recovery. Our neighbor, who is in his 80s, just went through this, and he came out just fine. His biggest complaint was that he was bored in the hospital.

deedee said...

At least he gets wine at the hospital...I don't think that's an option on US hospital menus :)
I hope your husband is back up on his feet and feeling better soon. In the mean time, sneak him some of the good stuff :)

Anonymous said...

It is a long time, but he'll feel so much better afterwards. My next door neighbor got a hip replacement and he was hopping around just months after.
Don't you love to find out the animals like DH more than you? HA!
Here's to a speedy recovery.

Jennifer said...

It is a long time, I agree! And I have a few movies I'll be watching. :)
The trees are on the main road between Beziers and Carcassonne.

That would be nice! What's taking them so long, I wonder?

I think boredom might be an issue. The mornings are busy with doctors visits and physical therapy, then the afternoons are really quiet.
He's got some good books to read and a book of Sunday NY Times crosswords to do, so hopefully it won't be too bad.

No, I don't think it is an option in the States. :)
Thanks for the get well wishes.

He was already up and walking with crutches this morning, so he's doing really well. Yes, here's to a speedy recovery!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Dear Chez Loulou,
Best of luck on the recovery.
Mon dieu!
Just think what THAT would cost in the US. Get out the tin cups.
French medicine is amazing.
Think about going to the municiple pool after-the best therapy for any injuries and the pools in France are the greatest.

Amanda said...

Your husband will feel so much better soon. I hope you can snick in some homemade food.

Emm said...

Best to your DH for a speedy up-and-about recovery. If the new hip has metal in it, he should get a card from the doctors that says he's had the procedure. That way, when he sets off the airport screening alarms, he can show it to them.

Veronica said...

When my uncle was in re-éducation in Narbonne for his knee, my aunt brought him bons petits plats from home, invited friends, and they partied in his room late into the night :) That sounds like a boredom-beating plan to me!

klarakapucine said...

Judging by the amount of reactions, you're not as alone as you think you are. Nevertheless I wish you strength and a quick recovery for your husband. I visit your blog once or twice a week as a preparation/ getting into the French mood for my holiday to the languedoc beginning of July.

felK said...

Keeping in touch with what's happening with you in France. We're there mid June for a couple of weeks.

Jennifer said...

Paris Breakfasts
I can't even begin to think of what it would cost in the States. Yikes!
He's spending a few weeks at a Physical therapy clinic once he leaves the hospital and they have a pool where he'll be exercising.

I plan on it!

Thanks for the good advice.
I have a certificate for the titanium rod they put in my arm when I broke it and have yet to set off a metal detector. But we'll get one, just in case.

That is funny! Our friends who own a crêperie in Béziers have already planned to take him some savory crêpes and I'll be making a few goodies once he's in the rééducation clinic.

Thanks for the speedy recovery wishes! He's really doing well.
Hope you have a wonderful trip this summer! You must be excited.

Have a great trip. The weather has been spectacular the last week, so hopefully it will continue for you.

Anonymous said...

Nick's work has him go to conferences for a week or two at a time a couple times a year, and I generally use it as an excuse to indulge in trashy tv (such as it exists here, anyway, but I used to watch What Not to Wear all weekend) and movies. Still, I know it can get lonely. I hope the recovery goes quickly and smoothly, and that you two can have a fabulous celebratory meal when the time comes.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Here's hoping for a quick recovery and not too many boring days in the hospital.

Chez Us said...

I am sure all will be fine! When L is traveling I look at it as a mini holiday. I catch up on house stuff, dinner w/girl friends, reading, soaking in the tub, etc.. by the time he gets home the heart has grown fonder! Regardless, best of luck with a speedy recovery!

suzielarose said...

I've been enjoying your blog so much! We had the best vacations EVER in this region and I would jump at the opportunity to live there. Good recovery to your husband. At least he will be back in time to enjoy the summer ahead!

Jennifer said...

The main thing I'm finding is that cooking for 1 can be uninspiring.
The food at the hospital/clinic is pretty blah, so he'll be happy to get home and have a decent meal again!
The recovery is coming along and he should be home in three weeks or so.

He'll be much busier now that he's in the rééducation clinic. Lots of appointments with the kiné and other doctors.

I've done a bit of furniture rearranging and deep cleaning and was thinking about painting our bedroom.
Absence does make the heart grow fonder!
Thanks for the good thoughts!

It is such a beautiful region and a wonderful place to live. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed your visit here and hope you get the chance to come back soon!

He'll get out of the clinic just in time for his birthday so a big party is being planned!