May 22, 2010

Toute Seule

In the last seven years I've only had to spend a few nights alone in this house.  Until last week.

Wednesday began a 4-5 week stretch of solitary meals, upset and confused cats and dogs (where is he???) and staring at his empty chair in the living room.  (though if I want to look on the bright side, it also means I get to watch whatever I want on TV!)

Last Wednesday my husband checked into the hospital to get a much needed new hip and will subsequently spend several weeks in a clinique de rééducation, where he will devote his days to recovering, going to physical therapy appointments and enjoying the local red.

So far the surgeons, the anesthesiologists, the hospital staff and the nurses have all been kind, funny and have gone out of their way to make his stay comfortable.
Unfortunately though, even in France, hospital food sucks.  Even with the red wine.

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