April 30, 2010

Ten Reasons I Love Living in France

La Belle France. I was seduced by her charms at an early age and have been a passionate francophile ever since. There are dozens of reasons why I love living here, and here are my top ten.

1) The cheese!

2) The people we've met and the friends we've made

3) The food
You just can't think of France without thinking of food. It is the raison d'être.

4) Quaint harbor towns
Honfleur, Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, Collioure, Cassis, Antibes, Mèze

5) The health care
Just read the story of my broken arm and you'll understand why.

6) Paris
I am totally smitten with this city.

7) The cafés
Simple, honest food, wine by the carafe and the best people watching.

8) The markets
So cliché, I know. But they are an intrinsic part of life in France and I love shopping at them.

9) The vineyards

10) I am now one of them
"Bienvenue au club," they say with a smile. Pin It


spacedlaw said...

It seems like all good reasons...

Jocelyn said...

This is why I love coming back to your blog! :) Thanks for sharing a bit of France with us!

Amanda said...

Jennifer is it true that they have "Subway", "Domino's pizza"
"Kentucky fried chicken"... in Paris? I do know about MacDonalds and Starbucks. I was so surprise last year to see many overweight people in the countryside, not as much in Paris. Modern life I guess!
I do hope there are more "good things" you like in France than bad ones.

Mlle Paradis said...

yes, i've ALWAYS wanted to live there for those reasons. they do seem to have their priorities right!

Betty Carlson said...

I love this post -- one of your best.

As far as quaint port towns, you forgot Bages! I am still planning some sort of solitary getaway there...

Emm said...

Which quaint port town is that in your very nice picture? Great post, and i share a lot of those reasons for favoring France.

deedee said...

Hey you Frenchie!

Jennifer said...

Especially the cheese. :)

You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed the post.

Yes, sadly it is true that all of those places exist in Paris.
There are many more good things here for me than bad things!

mlle paradis
They are very good reasons. :)

I thought of adding it, but then must have forgotten when I published. Bages is a very special place.
I hope you'll let me know when you go on your solitary journey so we can meet up for coffee or something.

That is Cassis.
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

that's me!

Linda said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

Unknown said...

what I love best about France is its beauty, the attention to beauty and the amount of reflection, thought and effort that goes into making beauty ubiquitous: the beauty of la campagne from la Normandie to Camargue, Belle-Isle to la Haute Savoie; the flowers EVERYWHERE, from early spring to the deep frost, the architecture, the boulevards, the magnificent cathedrals, the little country churches, the display at the patisserie, the way meals are presented on every table, the public gardens, the paths along the canals, the villages like Sancerre that take your breath away ... j'adore la Belle France!

megan said...

1-9 could be mine, as well! For 10, I would say I love France because my children are now beautifully bilingual!
I could probably come up with 10 more reasons fairly easily :)

Anonymous said...

How about 11) Never a dull moment? :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I know there are many francophiles out there who share my thoughts.

You are so right! It is an intensely beautiful place.
Thanks for your wonderful comment.

I think I could easily come up with another 10 reasons as well.
And I'm jealous of your kids being bilingual! :)

Isn't that the truth!

Andi said...

I totally, completely agree, plus #11 le joie de vivre!

Jennifer said...

Darn, I forgot that one!
11) The joie de vivre.

Anonymous said...

i wanna be in the club....

Jennifer said...

Can you join somehow?

emiglia said...

I tell people that I came here for the wine and the cheese, but really, there are so many reasons to love this country...

Jennifer said...

Yes, many reasons! But the wine and cheese are two of the best.