April 2, 2010

Flavors I Love

Crisp, fizzy Champagne. Sometimes with a splash of something sweet

Crispy-crunchy with coarse salt

Earthy morel mushrooms with perfectly cooked, creamy risotto

A peppery bite with summer-ripe tomatoes and crumbly Parmigiano

Warm, tangy chèvre and sweet caramelized onion jam

Creamy vanilla with a crunchy, sugar top

Sweet and tart

Soft, dark chocolate and chewy. Preferably with pecans Pin It


Anonymous said...

I love my brownies with pecans, too. And berries are some of my very favorite things, period.

Amanda said...

I will have all of the above too!
Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

were we separated at birth....i love everything you showed. although for a split second i thought it was beer which I LOVE!

deedee said...

What is the crispy crunchy with coarse salt. All those photos have me drooling!

Jennifer said...

I wish pecans weren't so expensive here. I miss the endless supply we used to have available in New Orleans.
Berries - me too! Those berries in California made me so happy. I ate as much as I could while I had the chance.

Happy Easter to you too!

Nice to know I have a twin out there!

Those are fritons - crispy fried duck skin. They are sublime!

Mary said...

Oh my, all these photos have my mouth watering.

Jennifer said...

glad you like them :)

Jocelyn said...

I am drewling! Those brownies look heavenly and I love fresh berries! Divine!

Jennifer said...

Those brownies have become the favorite treat of a French friend of mine so I find myself making them fairly often! :)

klarakapucine said...

Hi Loulou,
I stumbled upon your blog just after hearing I will be looking after a house and a dog in Languedoc. Your site is perfect to get into the French mood. Care for a liitle trip to Amsterdam? Have a peek on my two blogs. Klarakapucine and beschuitmetaardbeien.blogspot.com

Jennifer said...

Thanks for commenting! Hope you have a wonderful stay in the Languedoc.