March 21, 2010


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Dale said...

You are not that far from the BANDOL appelation I don't think Loulou - try to find a Domaine Tempier for a beautiful red for meat or hardy cheese dishes - always outstanding especially the 03 vintage!

I also found some cheeses from the Auvgergne where we are heading 4/28 if AA attendants don't go on strike. Whole Foods in Orlando had the St. Neclaire and the Blu that you had in your top 5. Pretty darn good!!!

Wife and I would love to do an extended stay in S France like in your area say March to July - what more paperwork would this take to do over a passport! Dale

Betty C. said...

Love this photo. Is it near chez toi?

Loulou said...

Thanks for the Bandol recommendation. We are not very far, you're correct.
Glad you enjoyed the cheese!
If you want to stay in France for more than 90 days in a 6 month period, you must apply for a Long Stay Visa. I'll be posting about that this week in Part Two of the Moving to France Tutorial.

It's an old abandoned building on the Canal in Béziers.

Anonymous said...

simple and need to say more. love the texture and color and tree.

French Shelter said...

La Loulou

You are inspiring me to put photos up on my blog...


Loulou said...

Thank you. It captured my attention immediately.

Loulou said...

French Shelter
Thanks for stopping by to say hello and to comment!