March 14, 2010

Q: If you were a French cheese, which one would you be?

The last question I asked on Twitter received some great responses so I decided to ask another one last week: If you were a French cheese, which one would you be?

I loved the creative answers I got!

bcinfrance I would be Comté. Not much of a looker, but deeply rewarding.

winosandfoodies St Nectaire - nutty, fruity with a little touch of spice.

CurdNerd Wow, pretty full on question, today I'm feeling Beaufort

lifesafeast Ok, I'd be goat cheese because i could change personality as I like - fresh, soft, creamy, hard, crumbly, delicate or strong.

saffronberry I think I'd be Morbier. Seem straightforward enough but then have that layer of ash in the middle.

LucianaBianchi I would be an Explorateur - delicious, w/ a smooth skin, soft heart and great personality!!

foodwinediarist An aged Comté - slightly nutty and crying out for a nice white Burgundy!

jemangepdx brie! :)

Stefaniya Roquefort all the way! But not because I'm stinky, I swear.

maxitendance Hello. You make me smile :) I have no idea: there are so many... I have to think about it :))))

carlosyescas Ill be Époisses de Bourgogne

MaryMug Morbier--full fat with a blue streak

frenchfoodie I have a soft spot for the St Marcellin

brassfrog Unquestionably Roquefort. Bought it once in the market, 25€/Kg!, and my mouth said WOW!

youngpilates hmmm... anything triple-creme!

BourgogneLive Last night i was here 3 wonderful cheeses:Delice de Pommard with Gingerbread,with Blackcurrent & Truffles

chicagokitchen St. Andre

LeMonjat an old smelly Goat's chesse after the work I've done today...LOL.

reshii I'd love to be a really runny Vacherin. Or a stinky Chevreton!

angelatunner Brie! Timeless classic +versatile

karinakazue Brie!!! ;-)

spacedlawyer Vacherin Mont d' Or.

PeteHobden Roquefort maybe?

eveningherault La vache qui rit!

leperchoir I wouldlove to think of myself as a strong firm salers or cantal but fear I would acually be likened to a squidgy ripe brie !!

whiteshutters A very ripe and mature camembert....squishy in the middle!!

mroconnell I'm a Galette du Larzac. Surprising, refreshing, confusing, perfect. ;D
mroconnell I forgot to mention that I also smell a little like a barnyard. SUCH IS LIFE.

foodloverkathy I'm a decadent triple cream brillat savarin

melindamoss a tie between reblechon & camembert, cause i eat so much of these when i'm in france, even for breakfast

louloufrance I would be a Tome Basque.

I tell you, Twitter is a great way to waste some time when you're snowed in!

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suzielarose said...

What a great question! How can't somebody resist putting some serious thought into this!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

That is an interesting question! I guess we'd all love to be our favorite cheese so I'll be Fromager d'Affinois.

The Food and Wine Diarist said...

Hilarious. A nice way to get some cheese chat going. You should ask more questions in a similar vein (not just about cheese) - it obviously gets people to respond and is great fun.

spacedlaw said...

What a scrumptious plateau de fromages we all make.

Barbara said...

I love some of these very witty answers. I must search out some St Nectaire. Since my local deli closed I haven't seen it anywhere.

Lena said...

Loved the answers! I thing I would be a Beufort, my favorite!

Dedene said...

Loved the answers, but I'm shocked that anyone would want to be la Vache qui Rit!
I'd choose la Boulette d'Avesne.

Loulou said...

I'm curious what your answer is! :)

Good choice!

Both times have produced some very interesting responses. I'll have to think of another question soon.

That is so true! Never thought of what a great platter we all make.

Hope you find more Saint Nectaire soon. It's a good one!

I love Beaufort too! Great choice.

Oh, Boulette is a very complex and interesting cheese. Interesting pick!

Fifi Flowers said...

Reading all these answers I realize I REALLY need to start doing cheese tastings!!!

Loulou said...

Yes, you better get started soon! :)