March 14, 2010

Q: If you were a French cheese, which one would you be?

The last question I asked on Twitter received some great responses so I decided to ask another one last week: If you were a French cheese, which one would you be?

I loved the creative answers I got!

bcinfrance I would be Comté. Not much of a looker, but deeply rewarding.

winosandfoodies St Nectaire - nutty, fruity with a little touch of spice.

CurdNerd Wow, pretty full on question, today I'm feeling Beaufort

lifesafeast Ok, I'd be goat cheese because i could change personality as I like - fresh, soft, creamy, hard, crumbly, delicate or strong.

saffronberry I think I'd be Morbier. Seem straightforward enough but then have that layer of ash in the middle.

LucianaBianchi I would be an Explorateur - delicious, w/ a smooth skin, soft heart and great personality!!

foodwinediarist An aged Comté - slightly nutty and crying out for a nice white Burgundy!

jemangepdx brie! :)

Stefaniya Roquefort all the way! But not because I'm stinky, I swear.

maxitendance Hello. You make me smile :) I have no idea: there are so many... I have to think about it :))))

carlosyescas Ill be Époisses de Bourgogne

MaryMug Morbier--full fat with a blue streak

frenchfoodie I have a soft spot for the St Marcellin

brassfrog Unquestionably Roquefort. Bought it once in the market, 25€/Kg!, and my mouth said WOW!

youngpilates hmmm... anything triple-creme!

BourgogneLive Last night i was here 3 wonderful cheeses:Delice de Pommard with Gingerbread,with Blackcurrent & Truffles

chicagokitchen St. Andre

LeMonjat an old smelly Goat's chesse after the work I've done today...LOL.

reshii I'd love to be a really runny Vacherin. Or a stinky Chevreton!

angelatunner Brie! Timeless classic +versatile

karinakazue Brie!!! ;-)

spacedlawyer Vacherin Mont d' Or.

PeteHobden Roquefort maybe?

eveningherault La vache qui rit!

leperchoir I wouldlove to think of myself as a strong firm salers or cantal but fear I would acually be likened to a squidgy ripe brie !!

whiteshutters A very ripe and mature camembert....squishy in the middle!!

mroconnell I'm a Galette du Larzac. Surprising, refreshing, confusing, perfect. ;D
mroconnell I forgot to mention that I also smell a little like a barnyard. SUCH IS LIFE.

foodloverkathy I'm a decadent triple cream brillat savarin

melindamoss a tie between reblechon & camembert, cause i eat so much of these when i'm in france, even for breakfast

louloufrance I would be a Tome Basque.

I tell you, Twitter is a great way to waste some time when you're snowed in!

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