March 17, 2010

La Fête du Fromage - le Pisé du Lot

Le Pisé du Lot is not a shy cheese, by any means.
It alerts you to its presence by filling the room with an earthy, goaty fragrance, then follows up by bombarding your taste buds with a piquant, rich, unforgettable flavor.
Not at all what I expected!

This unpasteurized chèvre has a rich, satiny texture and is creamy and fondant when young. As it ages the texture dries out and the flavor becomes distinctively stronger.
One of the most impressive characteristics was its lengthy finish. Ten minutes after tasting its flavor still lingered.

Le Pisé du Lot, as the name implies, is produced in le Lot, a gorgeous region in southwest France, known for the celebrated AOC cheese Rocamadour and home to one of my favorite goat's cheeses, Le Garriou.

A dry white wine would be a good match.

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spacedlaw said...

I just had a bit of Auricchio. Although tangy and tasty, I do miss the creamy richness of most French cheeses.

Jennifer said...

Never heard of Auricchio, though I am not schooled on most Italian cheeses.
The next time I go to Italy I plan on doing some serious cheese tasting.

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Thank you for the invitation. I'll have a look!