February 28, 2010

Les Petits Détails

Everyday details that have captured my eye. Pin It


Bourgogne Live said...

Very nice pics! i love your multicolour grapes. My friend Aurélien has captured this one :http://www.loeilduvin.com/raisins/

Susan said...


spacedlaw said...

Wonderful details. I am jealous for the figs...

Nadege said...

Lovely, appetizing new banner!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Jennifer.. Love your new banner. Your blog is looking amazing. Beautiful photos too!

Betty C. said...

Classy new look for your blog. Were you able to work in the separate pages/tabs directly through Blogger?

theyoohoogirl said...

Look at those beautiful grapes!

Brass Frog said...

Pretty darn nice photos. ;)

Great new banner. YUM!

meredith said...

figs! vive la saison des figues! soon :)

Loulou said...

Thanks for sharing that link. She has some gorgeous photos!

Merci :)

I'm starting to crave them. Must wait a few months though...

Thanks. Glad you like it

I keep tweaking it and appreciate any feedback. Thanks for letting me know that you like it

Merci! I'm putting together more pages. I like the way it streamlines the page.

That was taken last August in the vineyards surrounding our village. I love the dusty colors

Brass Frog
Thank you!

Soon! But not soon enough. :)

Carolyn said...

What lovely photos. I especially like the one of the grapes - makes me long for those long hot hazy summer days!

Evelyn said...

The grapes are stunning! My favorite. tho, is the old medallion 'weeping' rusty tears.

Sue said...

Beautiful photography! The grapes are almost like a painting. I love the figs - juicy enough to bite into!

Loulou said...

The days of summer aren't far off now!

Happy that you like the photos. That weeping rusty medallion is on an old gate - I love it too.

I'm so ready for fig season.