January 7, 2010

Photo du Jour - Snowy Night

Nothing like a little weather to bring on the urge to settle in, stay warm and nest. And eat some serious comfort food.

- Fettuccine Bolognese
- Thai Red Curry
- Carnitas with Refried Beans and Mexican Rice
- Chicken Noodle Soup
- Aloo Gobi with Homemade Naan

Luckily the house is full of provisions, including plenty of red wine, so we aren't going anywhere until all this white stuff melts away. Pin It


Amanda said...

Have you ever made a "fondue"?

Nanette said...

Lucky you!
We've already got the aircon on and it's only 10am!

deedee said...

I'm a little jealous...I wanted a snow day in Provence and we are just getting lots of cold rain.

Jennifer said...

I've never made it myself but our friends make it for us every winter.
Wonderful stuff!

I don't envy your heat. Stay cool my dear!

Actually, it stopped late last night and turned to rain. But it has started again. Little flakes falling...

The Duchess said...

I wish the snow would collect here! (she says, careful what you wish for...)
Just lots of rainy sleet. But cold nonetheless, so guess I better get some provisions in, just in case. Stay warm!

Sue said...

Hi Loulou!

Thanks for letting me know who took the lovely photo of olives on the tree . . . I found it via Wikipedia. I have credited you with the shot, with pleasure. I also love your Blog!

Nick and I are doing a whole series on the Languedoc wines and foods as we have fallen in love with them. We normally don't stray far from Bordeaux (Nick is a pru d'homme of the Jurade of St Emilion). We would very much like to put a link to your Blog from both of ours if you agree?



Jennifer said...

We're staying warm and drinking chocolat chaud. Hope you get a bit of snow to enjoy. Currently coming down in little flakes right now. Stay warm too and Happy New Year!

Thanks for the photo attribution. Keep up the great reviews and wine news about the Languedoc and I would love for you to link to Chez Loulou. I will happily reciprocate!

Maria said...

i too made chicken noodle soup with twice baked potatoes yesterday, but it was 72 degrees where i'm at. not the same effect. i would love nothing more than some snow flakes of my own.

georgiegirl said...

Red curry, Thai style? It is very cold down in the south of USA right now. I usually make some soup when it is cold. The thick kind.

Jennifer said...

You are welcome to some of our flakes. I'm sure there are many out there who would be willing to share with you!

Yes, full of vegetables, a hint of kaffir lime leaves and nice and spicy!
Soup is another favorite. I make it a lot in the winter.
Stay warm!

Betty Carlson said...

I can't imagine your village in the snow! It's kind of fun, really. I'm feeling very frisky with my new snow tires! But I think I will settle in now for the rest of the WE.

Jennifer said...

This comment got lost in the shuffle! Still snowing up there?
We had torrential rain last night and the toads were out croaking away!

Betty Carlson said...

No the now is gone - it's raining now but still quite cold. I think an email you sent me got lost in the shuffle to -- I'll do my best to answer it this WE.

Jennifer said...

Have a good weekend Betty!